Wednesday, June 17, 2015

State Park Challenge Park #2

I was able to visit another park this weekend!

Pocahontas State Park located in the central part of the state in Chesterfield VA.  I had read the summary and was excited about the trails.  The summary stated 80 miles of trails!!!! These trails are a mix of hiking, biking and horseback riding.  The park is also constructing more mountain bike trails and loops for hand cyclists along with beginner cyclists. Need a tune up during your cycling?

They are broken down into levels for easy, moderate and hard.  The trails also offer a variety of miles.  When you get out on them you are able to mix them up and extend you walk.

I  will be honest with you the trail we set out for we didn't successfully find but we walked the whole thing and we managed a good 5 mile walk. Up, down, around all different grades, in 90° weather and carrying a 2 yo and 4 yo at different times makes for a great experience.  This counted as my workout for the day!!

Keep your eyes open for nature- otherwise why are you here?

Everyone in my party enjoyed themselves and would love to come back here.  There is also camping, boating and a pool available.  A large amphitheater for programs as well.
There is a small charge for admission into the park as well as renting the boats or using the pool.
Park #2 for our state park challenge completed! 3 more to go! We can do this! Follow our journey and take a peek at them through us!

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