Sunday, June 28, 2015

Social media + technology + me

I am so excited as my blog is growing.  I am creating it by myself and learning more and more of what I can and should do. 

As you saw I started out showing you my deals and I will continue to share those deals with you that I may acquire.  I will also share some deals I come across I do however apologize in advance for the short notice that you are given.  I will continue to add just the videos to that I make via You Tube for the reviews I received.

Lastly, I have just added share and follow buttons for Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.  I invite you to follow me on those platforms as well.  On each of them I do post different items from what I post on my blog so; you may find something of interest there as well.

Thank you for all your support in this journey and I hope I can continue to keep your interest and help where I can!  If you feel moved to share my blog that's even better yet until next time.......

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