Sunday, May 31, 2015

I tried it! (A daily series)

 Dinner prepared for tomorrow is salmon patties.  Mixed and assembled by my oldest child.  She takes cooking gracefully.  She loves to eat but does not appreciate/enjoy the process.  I am trying hard to encourage her to slow down and savor her meals.  To get her to enjoy the flavors before the food is swallowed and disappears.

 I try to buy and keep items she does like in the house even if I do not like them. Not a fan of tomatoes, chick peas, avocados and a few more items.  But, I do keep them for her and she does enjoy assembling them into a salad.  I guess when it benefits her the meal prep is not so bad.

 I buy the can salmon. She has learned to dig the bones out.  I know some people leave them in and she is more than welcome to skip that step when she leaves home.  I would hate to give her a short cut right now.  So she is stuck in that task and it is definitely not her favorite.

 She has made them enough she knows most of the ingredients just not the measurements.  She even started to rejoice that we didn't have an ingredient (breadcrumbs- but to her disappointment when you have bread you essentially have future bread crumbs)  Chopped up some bread sprinkled some spice and voila!

Salmon is a regular part of our meal for a meatless meal during the week.    Today we stuck with a tried and true recipe and she even has it noted in her cookbook journal for adulthood.

 We will leave the patties sit overnight but sometimes as little as a few hours.  At the moment I am not sure what the sides will be with it.  But definitely a vegetable but maybe we will throw it on a roll and have fries with it.

Meatless Monday we are ready for you!

Thank you allrecipes:

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