Saturday, May 23, 2015

I tried it (a daily series)

Snack time!! Healthy time!! Two ingredients!! I rarely give out snacks and I certainly do not have them stashed in my cupboards.  We do buy them but not often so when we do get a snack here we value it and savor the flavor! However you value the homemade snack a little bit more. Maybe it's the effort (or sometimes lack thereof; like this recipe) or the sweetness that hits the spot or having them readily available at all times because you can make it at home.  Whatever your reason I present you a new recipe to add to your recipes!

2 ingredient ice cream:

See the yummy creaminess. Yes there are only two ingredients.  Two healthy components making it a good choice for your family. Dairy-free for individuals that need it or just plain want the alternative.
So I started with just bananas in a frozen state and peanut butter. 
 Put the bananas in your chopping machine of choice: blender or food processor.  I have yet to try by hand as the bananas are frozen and it may result in great difficulty. 


Ice cream.

There you go as simple as it gets. We added peanut butter to it but you can skip it.  We are a peanut butter loving family so it went in (plus sometimes I just have to follow the recipe). Spice it up we are going to add strawberries tomorrow. We have added chocolate (cocoa powder or chocolate syrup).

There you have it! A quick, easy snack with ingredients you may even have on hand right now.

Thank for this recipe:

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