Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I tried it (a daily series)

I hate yeast! I love bread! I also do not have one of those fancy bread machines. Do you see my problem? I have however finally found a recipe to help me enjoy and not hate the process of making it. A little help from one of my resident sous chefs never hurt anyone either.

Did I say NO YEAST!!! When I find a recipe that says that I hear music and want to just dance!

These no yeast biscuits are my absolute favorite.  I use them as an accompaniment with meals or as the top of a deconstructed potpie.  Butter or no butter I am pleased with their flavor.
I present you the best biscuit!
Pay no attention to the bland colors of the meal that day.  The real focus is the biscuit.  The rest of the meal was simple items it was the biscuit that was made with love!

Recipe credit for the biscuit goes to:

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