Thursday, May 14, 2015

Goals are not overrated

I made some goals the other day.  Minimum to me and without a time frame. What really makes a goal?  The object you want to accomplish or getting something completed within a time frame.  I want to read 5 books is any less important if I don't complete that task in a set amount of time?  I personally think not.    I say yeah and pat myself on the back for having finished those 5 books!

Baby steps to accomplish your goals. They don't even have to be named goals if labels make it more intimidating.  We won't even call them tasks, jobs or plans.  Just say I want to do something to do.  Something you don't usually do because it does have to stand apart from your normal day.

My objectives (without a time frame) are: crafts,cooking,reading, working out, eat from my pantry and a bonus challenge to lower my grocery bill.  My strategy in making more than one was if I at least hit one area I still did a good job.

Crafting would be a nice activity for just myself or with my family.  We may make alot of junk but we may make so good items to.  We will learn as we go.
Tonight I tried my hand at DIY shrink dinks!!! I love them and how they came out. Now that I know it can be done there is a lot of room for improvement and design.

Books are read at my house primarily to the young people.  I want to read a grown up book. There was a stop at out local library today and I made the first step and got myself a few books!!  
I have had it for a few hours and not opened it yet but, that's ok!
Cooking is doing great I have consumed instead of wasting the zucchini and yellow squash! Lost 3 cans of items to homemade spaghetti sauce! We even had a new oatmeal for breakfast. (Cranberry apple oatmeal) Cooking from your pantry and recipes is like opening a surprise box! The best part is your winning by not throwing money away. 

 Lastly, I am so thrilled with my workouts. 

 I seemed to have hit an energy high.  Two days straight I have hit the highest distance in my cardio time in a long time. It must be persistence.  Excited as this week I signed up for a Dirty Girl 5k Mud Run on Sunday!! 

What are you objectives near or far? Make some with no limitations they look more appealing.

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