Friday, May 1, 2015

Goodbye white and winter hello yellow and spring

It was a long winter here. I don't make a fuss about the winter as much as I am frustrated with the lack of organization of the state and city in which I live in. Don't get me wrong I hate cold and snow and would rather live in an all year round 80° climate but right now is not the time.
Lucky for me I stick around each winter to watch it get worse or snow more than the previous.  Ahh, I remember when it barely snowed the whole season of winter. But, fast forward where this year we had almost 2 weeks off in February for snow and ice.

We are even getting better with our snowman skills. We missed out the first week making one as the next day after snow fall was covered in ice. There was no packing and playing with that but everything was so pretty covered in a shiny glaze.

But lucky for us more snow the following week and we jumped into action.
Such a happy fellow. Built as a tribute to the snow fairies for giving us another dose of snow.  Fast forward to spring.....

 VA does have the best blooming trees I have ever seen. Maybe even the most (they are everywhere) I have ever seen. But enter pollen.  If you didn't have any allergy before moving to this place you quickly get one. It's literally everywhere. Open a window it makes its way inside. That is not dust on my dash that is yellow pollen.  Blown in from the vents and windows.

 We even went to the playground and cleaned off the slide for future children that day.   Your welcome.
 We have had rain the last couple days I hope that it washes away any remaining pollen pods waiting to explode in our atmosphere.  I have 2 children blessed with allergies due to our move here and oddly the two born here apparently had immunity.  
Any natural remedies for this issue greatly appreciated.  I will let you know when the coast is clear to enter until then we should just put a bubble over us to contain the damage.


  1. The snow looks so beautiful! I'm such a snow lover but we haven't had any good snow in the UK for ages :( hope you find something to releive the hay fever soon xxx
    Ami (