Sunday, November 13, 2016

Shut In (movie review)

 Friday evening due to a sold out show and a late lunch had me checking out the movie Shut In.

  The thriller Shut In runs for 1 hour 31 minutes.  Get there there in time to see some great previews for future thriller movies!! Hint Wick and vampires to come in 2017! The movie is rated PG-13 and the cast includes Naomi Watts and Oliver Pratt.

  Two parents have come to the decision that it's better to send their troubled teen away for a bit but an accident has the teen coming back to reside.  As a single parent and psychologist the stress becomes unbearable again and after this ice storm passes another decision has been made to place the teen in a care facility.

    This is only the beginning as one of her clients a boy named Tom arrives at her doorstep Mary wants to help but its too late and he disappears at the height of the storm.  The movie follows Mary as she worries about the missing boy Tom, takes care of her son Stephen and struggles with her own sanity.

  Follow Mary as she tries to figure out what goes bump in the night.  Of course you have the theatrical music to keep the excitement alive.  A few spots to make you jump.  However the whole movie had a plot to follow.  Your concerned for the single parent , for the sick son, for the missing boy and the storm that's approaching. Watch closely as this movie presents a lot of oh moments as you connect the dots.

  Definitely a great movie to go see this weekend.  Save some money and catch a matinee if you can and then maybe grab some lunch or dinner before or after.  This movie was entertaining enough I would rent it to watch.


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