Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Party Time

        (Photo credit to VLM Facebook page) *

  This past weekend a local museum celebrated a milestone.  The Virginia Living Museum turned the big 5-0!  To complete the party though you need to invite people so they invited the whole community to celebrate!  The admission was pocket change!

  My kids

to get out on a Sunday and we were excited to see a new exhibit!

  This museum is a great visual story of a variety of species that call Virginia home.  Animals ranging from birds to four legged creatures, swimmers to crawlers, scales or fur covered.  You are able to touch critters, see animals in their habitat view the stars and learn along the way!  There's a store to purchase your souvenirs, a planetarium and a outside trail to get plenty of air as you meet more animals outside.

Little ones got to take a peek at what lives in the water.  I'm not sure if they will ever swim again.

The fox was on the move.  Animals that move are so much better for kids to observe versus the sleeping  less actives ones.

Whose paw print is that?  My son had fun touching the prints of animals.  His hand was bigger then some and smaller then some.  Birds have different feet then the fox.  Always having fun and learning while doing it.

The eagles watched us while we watched them.  I love seeing these beautiful majestic birds.

Of course the main event for us was the dinosaurs!  This exhibit was under construction the last time we were here.

The children were able to get a closer look at a couple toddler dinosaurs.  These were strictly look and touch but don't ride.

It takes a lot of patience to dig in a sand box and not play.

There were big and small dinosaurs or maybe it was mom's and babies but I'm not really sure how you tell.

My daughter giving you a size comparison of a leg.

My son giving you a size comparison of a foot print.

Maybe that's not a good enough comparison.  After all I think my kids are pretty short.

Overall we had a fun time celebrating  a great museum on our Sunday afternoon.  Even if we missed the cake!  Don't tell the kids.

*Lol, when I left the statue boy didn't have the banner or hat anymore.

Find our morning about the museum here.



  1. This looks like so much fun, and a great way for the little ones to learn about their home and its History.

  2. What a great exhibit for adults AND kids. I am partial to VA but I think they have some great opportunities for the education of littles.

  3. This looks like a lot of fun! My daughter would have loved to see those dinosaurs.

  4. What a fun day of adventure! I love seeing the curiosity in kiddos when they get to explore and find out new information!

  5. Looks like somewhere fun for kids. Kids tend to love dinosaurs.

  6. This looks like a great day out! The dinosaurs are quite impressive!

  7. looks like its a lovely experience for kids. Appreaciating the nature and away with technology

  8. Happy 50th Anniversary to the museum. I love museums. It looks like fun.

  9. Wow. I have never been in a museum for decades. These photos make me want to visit one.

  10. I love educational outings for kids. This looks like a great place to visit.

  11. Seeing foxes and eagles up close I'm sure was pretty exciting. I think I would've been scared.

  12. Looks like kids had so much fun exploring the various exhibits in the museum!