Thursday, November 3, 2016

Honesty with No Regret

  I'm going to use the prompt today for the NaBloPoMo writing challenge.  If I could be completely honest with no regret what  would I say and to whom.

  The more I say it the more that ideas pop into my head.  So without any order I will proceed with my list.  Yes, I have more than one thing to say to more than one person.

  To some boyfriends in the be honest it wasn't you it was me.  I wasn't comfortable with myself.  I didn't know how to love or be loved  and sabotaged the relationships.  Pushed you away on purpose.

  To some friends in the past.......when I was mad it was far too long.  I would know I was mad and actually forget why I really was but, pride kept me from groveling back.

  I can admit as I age I mature.  With that maturity I am a better person.   I am taking one day at a time, practicing patience and trusting more people as well as taking chances and stepping out of my own box.  Thankfully I am being more honest and with less regret.


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