Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November Goals

  Goals are no more then a larger maybe even slightly more fun to do list.  A list comprised of challenges, fun things or pain in the behind tasks.  A new month is like a clean slate.  Allowing you to start over or just carryover what wasn't completed the month before.

  I sat down to think of my goal for November.

1.  I just signed up to blog daily for a month and (so far I'm on the right track this is post 2).

2.  Read 4 books which means I need to hurry up and finish the one I have right now!!

3.  Continue with my weekly menu plans.

4.  100 miles of cardio (I will try not to make it all on my bike, that would be to easy).  It's getting colder and I tend to shy away but now I'll be forced to get out there (and move a little faster I guess).  This being day 2 and still at 0.

5.  I would like to increase my numbers on my other social media platforms.  Numbers mean different things to different bloggers. I won't bore you with my wish list but know that I appreciate all my followers.

6.  I will actively look at presents (comparison shop).

7.  Complete 2 DIY projects!

8.  Volunteer

9.  Keep up with our daily Thankful reflections.

10.  Continue attending my social outings ( I have become accustomed to staying away from people).  I am likely to start then stop attending.  I am currently in a MOPS group, book club and a church group.

Ok I think 10 is a nice even unrealistic number let's see how that goes!

  What's one realistic goal for you in November? Mine would be eating at least a slice of Pumpkin pie.

What's a I mean well but will probably not happen November goal?  Mine are probably a few listed above.

Cheers to November let's keep the Pumpkin Spice Lattes coming!


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