Saturday, November 26, 2016

A Date with Home Depot

  The first Saturday of every month Home Depot offers a kids workshop!  Once and a while there's a bonus.  This weekend was the bonus.  I'm going to walk you through how easy it is to take your kids to this freebie in your area!

  First off sign up online at your local store.  It's not necessary but it gives them a heads up on how many kits to order.   Next even if you sign up it doesn't guarantee you a kit; it is a first come first serve deal.  The workshop is 9am-12noon.  Of course if you get there earlier versus later your chances are good.

Behold the kit of the day.  Some kits vary in size, ease of assembly and some you get to paint (on site).

The tables usually have the necessary tools. This kit also required a screwdriver not shown.  

Instructions are pretty easy to follow.  I have messed up once and a while but for the most part it's not that bad.

The instructions include an inventory of the necessary items to cross check for assembly.

The kits come usually come with all the pieces to include nails at various sizes, decals and anything relevant to the project.

The instructions are so through that it tells you when to use large nails and small nails.

 Pre-made holes make it easy to insert the nail and maybe steady it before hammering.

Hammering is not easy but I have watched my daughter get much better at hammering.

She is able to hold the piece steady and hammer the nails now.

Bring on the back of the project!

Screwdrivers were needed.  My son loves to play with his tools at home so this was exciting to him.

Screwing a screw in is hard to do.  ousting the screw down and twisting it in required another hand.

The top of the project required a screw eye!

A little finger to secure to secure the last piece of hardware.

Finishing touches were easy and I could step back and relax now.

I present you a finished product not painted but my other child wants to paint theirs and then apply the stickers.

A picture frame! A nice handmade gift for someone for Christmas or a keepsake ornament for the tree.



  1. How lovely of Office Depot to offer such a workshop. My nephew is a little to young for it but it would be nice once he's a little older

  2. It's really cool that Home Depot provides something like this. I love the frame as well. I might just look into my local HD for that reason.

  3. How fun!! I would love to take my 2 year old when he gets a little older ;)

  4. How cute is that?! I always loved doing crafty things as a child, so it's good to know parents today still do crafts with their children as well and don't just hand them an iPad or something!

  5. What an awesome class for kids to learn new skills! It's great that Home Depot can help out their communities.

  6. Wow that's really great and I bet the kids love it! It's great way for them to learn new things.

    Lennae xxx

  7. It’s so wonderful of Home depot to offer something like this. Many places would be scared of frivolous lawsuits. This is great for the kids. Working with your hands is so rewarding.

  8. this is a cool workshop! Helps the kids to learn how to fix things and learn and teaching them them how to be patient. Kudos!

  9. I love workshops which are fun and you learn stuff too.
    This is just the type I would want to do too with my girl

  10. I didn't even know they had workshops at Home Depot! Seems so much fun and educative at the same time :)

  11. How fun I cant wait to take our little boy to the Home Depot workshops when he gets older. We are fixing up our home and see all of the kids and families working on activities those classes get really big! thats a great tip to arrive early I will have to keep that in mind when we go.

  12. I've heard about this but never got a chance to go to one. I think this would be more for a father and son trip more then a mom and me trip. I'm not good with tools ha ha