Thursday, November 17, 2016

Turkey Day

A turkey day from nature.

Grab a pinecone, leaves in different shapes and colors, and glue!

I drizzled glue into the crevices of the pinecone and then inserted the leaves.  Stack the leaves in largest to smallest from the back working your way forward.  See how I added my bigger leaves in the back and even added the colored ones in the front.

I cut out the head, beak and wattle and glued them together; then added the eyes.  Again you can add a drizzle of glue in the pinecone or just wedge it in.

I obviously skipped the feet part but I did use the caps of a milk container to prop them up or even angle them and it worked out perfect! 

Great project for kids and the uniqueness  of  their turkeys will shine through.

Gobble, gobble


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