Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Voting Day Shenanigans

  I got up early to beat the crowd.  Turns out it was a party for me as everyone was there waiting.

I decided to take the time in line to do some constructive blogging.  If my voice is to be heard today this is where my vote goes.

I vote for 7-11 prices ($1.85 PEOPLE) for my Starbucks coffee!  Never fear coffee is free here! 7-11 with you I voted sticker and the app!

I vote for breakfast.  At this point I won't be able to go back to sleep and I'm hungry!  My polling station did have complimentary coffee and donuts but, it's early and there was a small chance a green muffin treat could be all mine due to sleeping children.

I vote for a quiet day to finish reading my book.  Its been taking me forever to finish even though it's good.  I'm half way through; I know the end is near.

I vote for some fresh air and perhaps a bike ride to squeeze some miles in.  I just filled the tires and although my legs are sore from yesterday I still want to be consistent.

I vote for a nap since your asking as I did get up early to vote!

Lastly, I vote for a nice peaceful night out before a war of the worlds happens tomorrow.

  I hope you have a great and productive day.

Cheers (clanks glass of wine) to the beginning of the future of our country.

Moving forward think kindness and courtesy towards our neighbors regardless of the outcome.


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  1. Happy voting and yes, I vote for lower Starbucks prices too. Have a great day! :)