Sunday, November 20, 2016

Letter H Preschool (recap)

Letter H can get the creativity going at a intense speed.  H is for hammer. The boy loves his hammer.

He did get to start his week off with a horse (ok I know it's a pony but close enough).

  Even when I give him worksheets I try to change them up.  Some of the ones in his workbook I keep from letter to letter but hands on ones I change the rules on sometimes.

  Instead of using dot markers we used beans this time but, first he had to make alphabet soup!

 He was digging out the beans.

Pouring them in the pot to cook.

Now he had to use the pot holder because the pan was h for hot!

He found the letter H!

He also used his fingers to make the h on this worksheet.

  Hand eye coordination, patience and slowing down was all practiced with this page!

  Did you catch our h for hand turkey project?

He tried to make hearts for his h worksheet.  I tried to show him with two fingers and one finger but that was the same unsuccessful outcome.  He knew what it was supposed to be and kept trying.  Maybe by February he will have perfected it.

Lastly we finished with playdough!

H is for happy!  For this I asked for a face and he said he couldnt.  I showed him a few and he realized a face needed more than just a mouth.  I asked for 3 happy faces and I got them! 



  1. Oh he is so adorable! H is for Happy, yes, I am all about happiness and motivation. This is great!

  2. I admire your dedication, and later when your son grows up, he will too!

  3. This looks fantastic and so much fun! We will definitely be using some of your ideas when it comes to letter H :)

  4. This looks fantastic and so much fun! We will definitely be using some of your ideas when it comes to letter H :)

  5. This seems like great motivation! I admire your spirit!

    Beth ||

  6. He looks like he's having a blast! Must have done well mama :)

  7. Well done to both of you, seems like a successful day learning about letter H

  8. I miss painting with my fingers lol looks so much fun!

  9. H us for happy .That's do cute and just right for the season.Playing with children makes things simpler

  10. Your little princess is so adorable and cute! H is for Happiness and Hope for all of us :D

  11. This is what kids that age should be doing!! Too many times I walk into pre-school classes and they're being introduced to stuff that kids are learning in Kinder or 1st grade. While it's important to get ahead academically, it's also important to PLAY with your letters, LEARN that number sense so that we really truly understand things conceptually like this!