Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 2 letter B

The letter b made for a fun letter.  We were able to get outside and take advantage of some b focused activities as well as our indoor work to include computer time as well as worksheets, and crafts.

We made a boat this week using a paper plate, popsicle stick, toilet paper roll and a scrap of paper.

One of our sensory bins has more then enough beans for us to borrow some to glue to our big letter b.

Changed up our folder for a small white board to practice letters, numbers and shapes.

B is also for bubbles so I told him he could wash his trucks.  I filled up the sandbox with water and soap and let him loose.  

One one trucks clean you just move on to another one.

  A little bike ride to finish our b week off.

Along with our building for the week of boxes!

I chalk this up as practice for when it comes to robots and I need to use another object like metal.  We used all my review boxes ad two lids from shoe boxes.  He came out kind cute.  He was taller then my youngest kids so that made him impressive and I had my daughter make his face.

B was anything but boring.

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