Saturday, September 24, 2016

September Ipsy Bag (review)

  After research and discussing with several people I signed up at the beginning of the year for Ipsy.  Ipsy is a monthly subscription that is delivered to your door monthly in a cute reusable bag and with a variety of makeup both samples or full size products.

  After you sign up you answer various questions about your beauty favorites, process and routines.  What color are your eyes or hair?  Do you wear nailpolish?  Then decide what kind of look you like or what like you want such as classic, edgy or sporty.  Do you use brushes? Use facial cleanser?  Upon the completion of the survey the wheels are in motion to pack your bag for the shipment of the upcoming month.

  The bag arrives with about 5 products.  Each month it changes.  I have received a few brushes but its still a different set of items every month.  Even the colors and shades change monthly if you happen to lipstick or eyeshadow for a couple months in a row.

This powerful priming serum by Onomie was 0.17 FL oz. This serum also works as a radiance booster, and tone corrector.  It smells great and I used it one morning without makeup and you could see tiny flecks of gold.  I think it made me look extra alert and energized with fresh skin.  I would purchase this product and try it as a daily skin routine per the directions as a serum.

 Teaser is the shade of eyeshadow I received from Dirty Little Secret.  It was 1.5 grams so daily use will not get very far.  It went on evenly and without any clumping.  The shade was more of a beige color.

  This face mask by Nuxe was a .50 oz tube.  Directions indicate to apply and wash off for 10 minutes.  Whereas after that time frame my face felt smooth, soft and refreshed.  This is another great smelling product.

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme at 1.5 grams will give me some super stunning lips that pop for weeks.  I did feel some tingling on my lips that eventually went away.  The lip plumper looks like gloss providing a shine while you wear it.  It looks nice on your lips as just a simple gloss but the softness you feel is undeniable.  I can't say I say or felt plumper but my lips felt great after wearing it so I would purchase this product again just for the lip tingling massage.

  Lastly, another great smelling product was some body butter.  I had a .7 oz tub of Inspire by Glow for a cause.  This was thick like body butter and left my skin feeling soft and with a light scent.  There are actually a few more scents and since this one is so nice I would love to try the others.

  I am pleased  with what I received in this month's bag and look forward to next month.  Each month $10 is automatically deducted from your account prior to the 1st of month shipment .  You are able to log on early and see what's in your upcoming bag but I hate doing that; I want the surprise if seeing it in person.

  If I have convinced you to try out the program sign up now and you should still have time to get the October bag.  I have provided my link for your convenience here.

All opinions stated are my own and I was not paid or compensated in any way.

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