Thursday, September 8, 2016

Day 2 School

  You know when your trying to teach your kids it pays off when at night they request more school, tell you they had a good day or want to learn more.

  My son is pointing out A's everywhere
  That's a proud moment for me as I know he's retaining what I'm teaching and he understands.  I know he is enjoying his one on one and is learning along the way so I declare it a win win!

  A few items on the desk change and a few stay the same.  I may put in new sheets in his folder but we work on that everyday.  His tracing/writing will progress with repetition.

We got outside today as we usually do but it was with a purpose today.

  We picked up some A for acorns and leaves on our nature walk.

Our acorns went to a project!

It is not the letter A but it is the first letter of his name! 

A day at home should be fun and learning along the way is just a bonus.


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