Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Storks (review)

  When you have kids and the television is on they are bound to catch a preview of a movie.  Then when a movie declares it's coming out tomorrow their ears perk up with full on attention.  They stop what they are doing listen to the commercial then proceed to let you know

 when: tomorrow
 where: movies
 what: "we are seeing it!"
 how: your paying and popcorn is mandatory

  That's how every discussion goes when a new movie comes out.  A new animated film that is.  I must admit we have gone to a lot, some I didn't want to go to others I wished I hadn't but, some I'm glad I did.  Lucky for the kids I wanted to see this one.

  Storks is rated PG.  This was a clean PG rating.  I don't recall anything I was uncomfortable with my children seeing or hearing.  The movie runs for 1 hour and 40 minutes.  Starring roles go to Kelsey Grammer and Jennifer Aniston.

  The storks used to deliver babies but are in a new business.  They shut the baby business down due to an accident.  One stork is up for promotion and is tasked with termination.  This termination is what makes the story along with a letter.

  My kids and I all enjoyed the movie.  This isn't a freak occurrence.  Sometimes I like something and they don't.  Also I can rate this movie good because I didn't have to take anyone to the bathroom .  I could start rating movies with toilet icons based on how many times I have to take a child sometimes.  The were able to provide a summary of the movie, retell funny parts and laugh throughout the movie.  I enjoyed it as it was funny and entertaining.  The jokes are not geared towards adults as much as most animated films are.  This is a very funny wholesome movie.  The colors are bright, the babies are adorable and use this show as a springboard to learn more about storks.

  During the movie....... the question does rise of where do babies come from.

  You have to watch it to find out.  I did and now I know!

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