Thursday, September 1, 2016

After the Rain


  A lot changes when you have kids.  Most things you can't even foresee but fearing the rain was never on my list.  When it rains during the day when the kids are conscious it is a cry of "come play with me".

  My kids then immediately beg to put their boots on.  Ahhh the boots. Rubber covers covering the feet and instigating them to jump and splash.  Yes your feet are covered but my clothes are not!

  Puddles sprinkled all over random places bellowing to be jumped in  everywhere.  If I park in a parking lot its an extra 2-3 minutes to the door.  We must make contact with all pooled water.

  Rain has taught me to slow down and relax.  I will walk them to each puddle and patiently wait for them to jump.  Trying to stay away from the wet zone.  They are so happy when they jump and splashing is just a bonus.  I will wait as they run from one end to the other of a puddle because for that moment in time this is the best day ever and I want them to have that memory.

  It doesn't rain everyday so I need to accept the random rainfall we get.  I'm not being forced outside when it is raining only after the fact to find the puddles.  I think rain boots are so under used compared to the other shoes.  So I guess to get my money's worth we need to get outside every time it rains.

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