Sunday, September 25, 2016

A field trip of reality

Today my daughters and I wanted to experience the Compassion Experience.  I have the typical needy, greedy teens that are oblivious to the world around them so I thought this would be a nice peek into a world they don't know.

You can make reservations online or walk in is available.  I wasn't sure how popular this program was in my area so I didn't try my luck and just made reservations.  When we arrived (on time) we waited less then 5 minutes.

You are suited up with a listening device and headphones and placed in a small group based on the size of your party.  Your areas are tight quarters so they try to make it comfortable for everyone.

On our first stop we met Olive.  She was from Uganda.  We got a glimpse of her home.

We listened as she explained her school day.  She liked to play volleyball!

Carlos was next! His father had a drinking problem and eventually died.  Carlos was a smart boy and wanted to step up and take care of his family.

He knew he needed to get a job.  After a few things fell through he started dyeing string.  It hurt his hands and the smell was strong.

As with Olive we stopped in his school as well.  He had a robot he liked to play with.  School was always the place that represent fun, learning and play for the kids.

Last we listened to Kiwi.  Her father also had a drinking problem and her mom gave up a job out of the country to find something to do to keep her with her family.  They had rice to eat but they couldn't live on rice they needed more food then just that.

Kiwi's mom would sell rice at the market.  She had never tasted and apple because they couldn't afford one not even a rotten one.  

Another peek at school.  All the rooms had toothbrushes.  It was nice to see as hygiene at home was probably not the biggest priority at home.  The school representations were nice to see as the rooms were brighter, and livelier for each child regardless of the location.  When you visit a room in their home or stop at the market the area is dirty and loud.

In the last room the child is grown up and you get to see them in a current state.  A video plays and you can see them.  They state the job they have now, if they continued on to college, got married or had a family.  They suggest that you sponsor a child and when you step out of the room you are greeted with a wall of available children.

We enjoyed ourselves and it was a very moving experience.  I hope this will stir up more compassion towards others.

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