Friday, September 23, 2016

Letter C preschool

Each week I try to keep it as simple as possible.  There's really no point in stressing myself out or my son.  If we are the learning process will not be productive.

He knows the desk will change with different objects.  I ask him throughout the day what objects start with that letter and I want him to look for the answers.  

He can find the answers on the desk.

In his little letter book.

Or his workbook.

I only ask him for 3 items.  We go over this daily and and then I randomly ask about the other objects.  He thinks he's slick.  His answer for A is apple tree, applesauce  and apple.

We worked on more worksheets this week and worked with a lot of hand eye coordination exercises.  Cutting, tracing and coloring.

We did a lot of free style number activities as well as color recognition.  These are easy things to do.  Pick a number and have the child bring that number.  Bring me something green or bring me 4 green items.

Bottom line make it fun.  If your having fun and making it a game the child will have fun and enjoy the interaction providing better results.

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