Friday, September 23, 2016

Playing with Leaves

  We had some downtime this week and through in some different leave art.  I enjoy using nature in art projects and the kids are amazed that it's even possible.

  We collected leaves and continue to collect them randomly for projects.

  I started with introducing my daughter to shading the leaf.

  She thought this activity was neat.  We had went outside and collected three different leaves.  Different sizes and shapes are the best!  I then showed her how to hold the crayon and shade over the leaf in order to get the best result.  After that it got better when we used several colors to shade one leaf versus one color.

  Next we taped a leaf to the window and she traced it.  This opened up new opportunities to her because she understands we are using the light from the other side to allow us to trace.  She is ready to trace everything now.

  Lastly I saw this activity on Pinterest.  Using coffee filters we drew leaves and cut them out.  Then dropped paint on the leaves allowing the colors to blend then dry and that's it.  We used food coloring which gave it the same effect I believe just a little messier.  Because of the filter the paints blend nicely and it looks so close to a real leaf.

The kids enjoyed their leaf play day.  I can't wait to do it again and am patiently waiting for some leave changes!

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