Thursday, September 29, 2016

Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late (book and craft)

  As a mom of sever kids  I have read my fair share of children's books.  I think I most enjoy books with animals.  Animals can get away with almost anything and usually are entertaining.

  We read Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late several times and I decided we needed to make our own pigeon .  He is a simple enough drawn creature!  We discussed his color, some shapes that were identifiable and we used our hands and paint.  Bonus!

  The only supplies we needed were paint, a star stencil,an googly eye, a yellow and orange marker and a pencil.

  I painted the child's hand and put it on the paper to represent the body.  Used a toilet paper roll dipped in the paint to give me the perfect circular head.  Cut a smaller piece of white paper for his eye and glued it down only to come back and add a large googly eye.  We did initially color in the black pupil buy I liked the googly eye better.

  We added the star stencils to emphasize it was night time.  We also added the vision of a hotdog as that was mentioned in the story as well.

  The kids had fun making this and it was easy enough for little hands to complete the whole thing or help out in random areas.

  A book and a craft is as good as it gets.  This brings the story alive for kids.  Helps kids with creativity and imagination.

Pick a book, a main character and your favorite scene and create something fun with your kids!

    We did find this idea on Pinterest but we added to it to make it our own!  You can find it under my book and craft board.

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