Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Preschool Day 1

  Its a new year.  I revolve around the school year to teach at home because I have a more organized schedule then.  This year I am working with one preschooler and as my newly released little one was tested prior to admission she was above and beyond in most areas which makes this momma feel great!

  To know I taught her so much and was responsible for the basic foundations of her learning is the biggest accomplishment I could have ever done.  So I know get to move on and focus on my last child.

  He is is young and a boy.  I have learned in the last year that what worked for my daughter does not work for him.  So our learning will be a little different but with some tweaking we will accomplish a lot bit by bit.

  This year we will focus on alphabet, numbers and shapes through structure and play.  We will incorporate worksheets, hands on learning, field trips and a lot of one on one to get to our end result of a great year of learning.

Today we met the letter A.  This week we will focus on letter A but will get familiar  with all letters.

  Our day will be anywhere from 2-3 hours of various activities ranging from a walk, coloring, craft, reading books, playing games, snack time, computer time and worksheets.

  We may only spend 5 minutes in one area and 30 minutes in another and that's ok too.  If you force to much it will not be fun to either of us so I glide with him to each project.  He knows I have plenty planned and wants to see what else there is.

First stop is the desk to see letter A items and books.  I may stick a game up here or pull that out later.

  Today we read an A related book.

Had a letter hunt for the letter A.

Made muffins (nope not an A but, apron is for A).

Matched letters on flashcards.

  If you ask him he had a great day at school with his mom.  He also liked his "green" muffins; not just because he made them but because surprisingly spinach and bananas make a good muffin!

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