Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Week 1 Letter A school complete

  I won't be able to do a field trip every week but will try to grab one where I can and even if it's to our local store we will make it an adventure!

Its a little too early for apple picking but since we were on letter A it only seemed fit to pick an apple.  We headed to out local grocery store where we picked a few varieties.  I allowed him to pick one from each pile so we could compare the size, color and taste.  

  This tasting was huge as he is a picky eater.  He likes the red delicious and Jonagold! Peanutbutter is not necessary and he will eat the skin.

Apples come from trees before the store so we made this apple tree!

After we dissected the apple we made a picture of all the parts! 

We also made applesauce cookies this week which he did make, eat and enjoy! 

Letter A was a good productive week for us!  I hope your week was productive too!

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