Saturday, January 20, 2018

Week 3 Recap

  I hit all my goals this week!  Yeah for being so productive but, that doesn't always happen which is why I'm celebrating.  You have to celebrate the small things.  Even if I only completed one thing I would have said good job and rolled over the other items.

1. I finished and start a new book! I am now onto book number 3.

  So far it's starting out good which always makes reading a book easy, right?!

2. My new recipe of the week was Swedish Meatballs. 

They were ok.  I didn't make the meatballs by hand so I cheated a bit but, I wanted a little more flavor so I will try again.

3. I have a few posts figured out for next week.  That's good enough for me.  Having a direction is better then not.

4. The nails did get painted as well.

A little gold for the week!

5. Lastly my fitness goal was met.  I wanted 15 cardio miles.  With inside lap miles, my job, the elliptical and the spin bike my miles were over 40 miles.  For 2 days of cardio machines I did 15 miles alone. 

I'm going to need to up that numbers!

  Overall my goals weren't that hard but not all goals have to be.  Goals just have to be something you work on accomplishing.  The meal was a benefit for my family.  The book, nails, fitness and blog were for me! 

  Maybe I will work on adding goals for specific reasons or people.  A new week is coming and there's nothing else to do but get ready for it.


  1. Congrats on hitting your goals this week! Love the gold nails and that's awesome your on book three!

  2. There is something so rewarding and uplifting about hitting goals! I love making short term goals that I can meet, and then make new ones!

  3. Awesome! Always be proud of yourself for making goals and hitting them! Also LOVE that gold polish! We all need some sparkle in our lives!

  4. Good for you! There is nothing better then setting goals and being able to accomplish them!

  5. Wow- great job on not only meeting, but exceeding your fitness goals!! Also, love the gold nails!

  6. Congrats on meeting all your goals this week! There's no better feeling!


  7. Congrats on completing all of your goals. And as for the swedish meatballs, they do look delicious. They are one of my daughter's favorite meals to be honest. So delicious.

  8. Awesome job! I need to be making more goals like this. I usually meet my fitness goals. But I like the ideas of making new meals and doing a couple small things for myself.

  9. I am so happy for you that you met your goal! That is a major achievement and you should definitely be proud.

  10. Yeah! I totally agree with you on setting up a goal. It will really help you motivate in accomplishing something. Hope it will work on me too.

  11. Congrats on a productive week! Love your idea of weekly goal setting.

  12. It always feels great to set a goal and reach the goal that you have set . Love you this . Congratulations