Sunday, January 28, 2018

Week 5 Goals

  I may not do a lot on Sundays but, I set time aside to set my goals for the week.  Last week I did pretty good in the fitness department having attended 6 different classes but missed the goal of 50 miles.  I will not be to hard on myself as I stayed active and discovered some great classes.

This week I would still like to shot for that 50 miles because with a little bit better planning on my part it can get done.

I can cycle 12 miles in 35 minutes so with a combination of other cardio or just 5 days of cycling I can do 50 miles! I can't get miles from swimming but enjoy that and rowing machine just requires me to calculate meters.  It is possible but I need to be focused.

I want to start focusing on setting that time aside to read.  I want to be done with book 3 that I'm still on and done with 4 this week.  So that I can at least start book 5 on week 5!

I did make fudge last week but would like to make a snack.  Something for everyone to munch on during the week.

  I wasn't planning meal prep this week but, I did pick up some spinach so I will plan on salads this week.

So we have:
1. Fitness
2. Book
3. Snack
4. Meal prep
5. I'll clean......the oven. Uggg!

Alright  I'm going to stop there. You know I like 5 things for 5 days!   Good luck with your new week.  I hope your goals are reasonable and you don't become overwhelmed with them and not enjoy life.

Have a good week!

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  1. These are great goals and good for you to find new classes to take to try and make your goal. Good luck this week!