Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday Fun

  Another toy of my youth was Lincoln Logs.  There's something about these logs that are very entertaining. Endless opportunities to build.

  The easiest thing I have found for construction of a log home is to get the pieces assorted.

  I will admit that there was initially a fight to grab all the big pieces because that's a requirement for a house but surprisingly one child took off in a different creative spin.

A rocket was made!

Then all of a sudden I had a parking lot full of cars.    My imagination as a child never went to these two creative spots.

 Let's decide what is going to be built and get building!

The foundation needs to be laid down.

Keep in mind where your property is going to be because you can't move the structure very easily once it's built.

More then one house can be built and located anywhere.  This one was not built under a table it was on a hill under the trees. 

Every town needs a store!

Now I have had these toys since childhood and they have survived.  The kids love when I pull them out because it's a new toy to them and it's fun to build.  Its neat to watch them figure out where to put pieces.  They haven't seen a real log cabin home in person that would be a fun family trip! After that experience they may ask for more logs to build more variations.

Were Lincoln Logs in your home? I think I even seem them in the store so that's nice that they are still selling them!


  1. I have a set of these, my grandkids love them They provide hours of entertainment. Love seeing them play with these versus a tablet. which they are not allowed to bring to nan's house btw LOL

  2. My kids love these and I love watching them build with their Lincoln Logs!

  3. My grandkids received Lincoln logs for Christmas. They love them.

  4. I never had these growing up but they sure look like fun!

  5. They look so much fun to spend time with and I can easily see this great for both the kids and the parents.

  6. Such a fun activity. Would love to have these when I have kids.

  7. I absolutely loved these awesome toys as a child. Now my son also likes them very much. They sell them almost everywhere .... I bought him some at Toys R Us but I’ve seen them at Target too. Shell

  8. Those toys are absolutely amazing for kids. It is fun and creative.

  9. It looks so much fun. I bet my nephews are going to love building it.

  10. I never had these but they look like lots of fun, I am glad your children enjoyed playing with them as much as you did. What a lovely throwback for you and new adventure for them :)

  11. Lincoln Logs are the best! It's so nice to see them still being used and enjoyed! :-)