Monday, January 22, 2018

Monday Motivation

We live in a picture perfect world. 

  I think we survive on motivation. Motivation doesn't just come from within.  It comes from what we see.  What we feel and what we want.

We push ourselves for success. 

We don't have to see the top of that hill. 

We know it's there! So we keep heading in that direction.

Sometimes its for the challenge.  We know we may get dirty.

However we still do what it takes!

It doesn't matter what we are working towards or what drives us.  All that matters is we keep going.  We can enjoy the present but, we will always have the future.

We can't see it and we don't know how far it is but, we move.  We move by motivation.  Motivation to live and survive.


  1. Motivation is what moves us! Love the inspiration!

  2. Motivation to live and survive... I love this!

  3. Thanks for this sometimes we need to just have faith n ourselves. Good idea

  4. Love your Motivation Monday Posts. I think that it's so true that we move by motivation.

  5. Your post is so poetic, Rose! Indeed, we receive motivation from within and without - in the big matters and the teeniest, tiniest little matters that live in the crevasses of life <3

  6. I love how you wrote this! Motivation is definitely what drives us!

  7. Beautiful photos. I agree that having motivation helps us to continue persevering.