Thursday, January 18, 2018

Growing Independence

  I live in a house with kids and a husband.  Many of you know sometimes things wait for us to do them and sometimes we eagerly delegate things for others to do.  Although we all know we should have just done it ourselves.

  Pulling out dishes with food on it, grease in the cracks or unidentifiable substances.

  I should have just washed them myself!

3 bottles of cooking oil, 6 packages of bacon on sale, potato chips and milk on a grocery run.

I should have just done it myself!

  My last child is growing up and I have to be ready regardless.

 He's growing up and he doesn't need me as much anymore.

He is buttoning his own clothes.

Zips up his own jackets.

Brushes his teeth more eagerly thanks to his new Spinbrush! 

Thankfully he still needs me for little things and I'll hold on to that.

Is this right?

He is not only my last but, the 4th and the 
only boy!  

He holds a special place in my heart partly because I hold a special place in his.

  It's all about cherishing the memories.  Appreciate the time you were helpful and look towards the future for the new opportunities.


  1. It is indeed all about cherishing the memories and appreciating the time you have together, it's not necessarily about being helpful or not you will always be the one they run to when life gets too hard or when they have lovely news to share!

  2. I remember when my son was this small, now he's 14. I agree it's all about cherishing the moments. They grow up so fast.

  3. You will always be helpful. Just in different ways. I know that is how I feel about my parents and I know my mommy in particular likes to look at the past memories and she occasionally reminds me of them.

  4. It's all about building memories, and also teaching kids good moral values and helping them to be independent.

  5. This is great. Not that your son is growing up so quickly. But that this is a reminder to enjoy every moment we have in life.

    Thank you :)

  6. A little sad. Time flies so fast. Feels like kids grow up to soon these days.

  7. That is so cute. This has reminded me to appreciate what we have and to always see the good in things instead of just the negative.

  8. My daughters are now 11,13, and 15 and they grew so fast, I agree it's all about cherishing the moments.

  9. Having just had my last baby, slowing down and cherishing every moment I can is so important before she gets to big to need her Mommy. I had to laugh because I am always saying I should have just certain things myself because they just don’t get cleaned if I don’t do them

  10. I know it's not the point, but spin brushes are the greatest invention ever for getting small kids to brush their teeth. It was the only that that worked for our toddler!

  11. Cherishing moments and eing grateful for each time you have together is a wonderful thing/ My little one is two and growing so fast!