Saturday, May 14, 2016

Strawberry Mousse

  Tonight's strawberries was a prep ahead.  I started it just before dinner and after dinner was done and dishes were taken care of the dessert was done.  Of course more organization would of had this dessert done in the morning but who needs all that organization.

  The recipe only requires a few ingredients and is really easy to make.  I did have to pick up heavy cream as that is not a staple in my house and I doubted myself in making it myself.  (I will be attempting to make my own heavy cream to see how easy it is, how it tastes and peaks up)

  For this delicious Strawberry Mousse you need strawberries, heavy cream, powdered sugar and vanilla.  In measuring equipment your only using a tablespoon, 1/2 teaspoon and 1 cup!   I did have to use the food processor and eventually the mixer so you did make a few more things dirty but it was well worth it in the end!

  Turn your heavy cream

into whipped cream by any means necessary!  I started by hand but needed to hurry up so pulled out the heavy machinery to speed up the process.


Enter food processor to make strawberry puree!  I have had this food processor for years and just recently have built a good relationship with it.  I am slowly learning it's true capabilities and strengths.  It does make chopping some things easier.

  Add your powdered sugar and vanilla and mix again then fold in your strawberries!
Before                             After

The finished product was delicious!

I could see making this dish again as a quick dessert or even for a potluck.

I didn't think it was too sweet although I did have a complaint regarding that.  The strawberries were not sweetened so I think the little bit of sugar used just blended into to everything nicely.

Check here for the recipe:

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