Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Money Monster (movie review)

  I went to see Money Monster based on the 3 options available to me opening week. One of them was a scary movie and I wasn't quite interested in that at the moment and the other was one I was not familiar with based on lack of advertising so Money Monster it was!

  Money Monster is a crime film rated R and runs about 1 hour 39 minutes. This movie was directed by Jodie Foster and had some great actors like George Clooney and Julia Roberts pulling off an entertaining performance.

  The movie starts off with a news segment discussing stocks. One disgruntled stockholder versus the large company. One man representing the world of believers. Believers being the people that are holding on to winning it big. Believers being the ones that waste the last of their money on a dream.

  The movie follows the ups and downs of a young man's life to bring us to the point of why he is so made at a company he invested in. He although is nothing more than a regular person knows that he was wronged. Not personally but wants justification and answers. I was not aware of the movie before I went but glad I choose it. It was entertaining.

  We already know the value of a dollar. Some of us know how to stretch it better than others. This movie makes you think of money, who controls it, you or the government, big corporations or even the media. We are teased and tempted on a daily basis but need to not only be strong and defiant but also more educated on our options of better spending and saving.

  I would rent this movie as I'm sure I would catch bits and pieces I missed while viewing it in the theater.

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