Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Granola Bar with Strawberries

  First time recipe today.  (A lot of my recipes are but sometimes I am a little more concerned with some then others).  A strawberry banana granola bar! Yes a homemade granola bar with fruit in it.  I will let you know that these little healthy bars are super easy to make and they taste good to.

  This recipe takes minimal ingredients and I think the cook time is longer then the prep time.  So if you need a snack for your child's lunch in a hurry this would absolutely work.

  Grab those strawberries because all the recipes I'm sharing this month involve those!

  Honey, coconut oil and a banana.


  Blend all your items together with some milk (which you can easily substitute for a nondairy)

  Then add the beautiful berries!

  I cooked the granola for the minimum  time of 15 minutes and was easily able to cut them in squares.  This recipe produced a soft chewy granola bar.  You do taste the sweet, juicy bits of strawberries but cannot taste the coconut and I didn't taste the banana either.

Overall delicious granola bar with fruit in it.  Dare I try to get crazy and change the fruit to ahh peaches?  I make a few different granola bars and this will be added to those options.

Check out the recipe here:http://amyshealthybaking.com/blog/2014/01/20/strawberry-banana-granola-bars/

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