Thursday, May 19, 2016

Cookies Today with Strawberries

  Although this recipe uses a small amount of strawberries.  It also uses up the strawberries I had on hand.  So I need to go back and get more in order to finish out the month or else I will not be able to finish out the month.  I feel like I am running on fumes already but am not giving up.

  The recipe was for cookies today!  These strawberry cookies only asked for a few tablespoons of strawberries.  I had just enough.

  The rest of your ingredients are your basic requirements for a sugar cookie to include: flour, sugar, butter egg, baking powder and vanilla.

Blend that sugar and butter before you add anything else to make sure it will be incorporated.

I skipped the roll the cookies in a ball part and just plopped them on the cookie sheet but, I did add some sprinkles!

  My opinion of the cookies.  I would like to try them again with more strawberries.  I couldn't see them in any of the cookies, or taste it.  The recipe did say you could use strawberry extract in place of the strawberries.  The cookies however were good.  They didn't have that after taste that I get with some cookies!!  These were a good cookie that I could see making without the strawberries.

  Without the obvious appearance of strawberries the little man of the house nibbled on a couple and liked them too.  He had been avoiding all things strawberries for the last few weeks.

 Grab a glass of milk and make some of these they were a nice treat!
Check out the recipe here:

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