Thursday, May 12, 2016

Strawberry Banana Bread (Day 12)

  Who doesn't like the smell of banana bread baking?  Probably only those that don't like bananas.  I waited ever so patiently for this tasty strawberry treat to be done!  The smell made it so agonizing.  However after tasting it; it was well worth it!

  Another recipe where I had the privilege of separating ingredients in order to make sure all components are mixed together accurately and coating the berries in flour.

  I had to cream my butter and sugar

Add my flour.

Fold the strawberries in.

Take note for two different cooking temperatures and times.

All I can hear when I can actually smell the food cooking is an endless Jeopardy theme song.

  I love some banana bread but have never added strawberries now I may always add strawberries.  I am not surprised at how delicious adding these to it really is.  The berries just take it to another level of tasty treat!

  Check out the recipe here:

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