Sunday, May 15, 2016

15 days of Strawberries

  So today I used up the strawberry mousse from yesterday in today's recipe.  See let me explain something real quick as with my pumpkin challenge in the fall when I have made enough recipes I start stepping out the box and getting a little creative.  Nothing to crazy just small simple recipes.

  So today I put the Strawberry Mousse in pie shells.  I placed a dollop of chocolate on each pie and splattered some of the leftover strawberry sauce on the top as well.

I can't say they were phenomenal as the major part of the pie was what we already ate yesterday but if we liked it yesterday it would mean we liked it today, lol.  

It was good.  That nice fluffy, creamy mousse in the graham cracker pie shell.  I would try to spread the chocolate on top more versus a dollop but it still was a nice treat.

No formal recipe today.  If your interested just use yesterday's and add it to the pie shell.

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