Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Chocolate Cookies

  Believe it or not some weeks I do not make anything.  Tonight I made cookies because there I was minding my own business when a plate full of cookies gets my attention on Facebook.  A quick glimpse over the recipe and it's on.

  These cookies boasted of a chocolate flavor and there is no doubt about it when you see them and when you smell them fresh out the oven!

  They were easy to make adding that the teen made these.  The longest process was letting them chill prior to cooking. Ooh the torture.

  However after an hour of that I am almost sure when I took a bite of the first one I had already forgot about the waiting period.

  These are a great little cookie.  They have a great chocolate flavor, were soft, resembled a brownie in flavor and texture.  All you need is a glass of milk to accompany these and you too will be in a happy place.  These would definitely get you bonus points if you cooked them and had them ready for unsuspecting children!

 Get to cooking these!  I know you didn't know you needed them but, your welcome anyways.

Check out the recipe here:

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