Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hot Strawberry Dessert

  While I sit here and rummage through the Internet I always think to myself.  Is this a good recipe?  This recipe looks good! I hope this one is good.  We like strawberry shortcake so another strawberry dish with breading should be a hit so tonight we are eating Strawberry Cobbler!

  This was an easy recipe to make.  You should have all ingredients on hand.  Basic staples with an exception of the strawberries.  So put strawberries on your grocery list and make this for dessert!

  I didn't use as much sugar but I also didn't use as many strawberries.  Next time I will use more strawberries and double the recipe.  Start with your sugar and strawberries first to let the flavors blend together.

I did have my separate bowl of batter!

Then added the strawberries to the batter prior to baking!

  This was definitely a pretty dish.  My strawberries did fall under the crust.  I'm not sure if there were more strawberries if they would stay on the top more or not?  The crust was soft on the inside and a slight crunch to the sides.  The strawberries despite my reduction of sugar was just the right bit of sweetness.  This was delicious warm and I'm sure when I grab a piece in the morning it will taste just as good.

Check out the recipe here: http://divascancook.com/fresh-strawberry-cobbler-recipe-easy-dessert/

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