Thursday, May 5, 2016

Dazzle the Dinosaur (book, craft and review)

  I have been meaning to do another craft with the kids and been meaning to do one with a couple books I had on hand and finally today the world's collided!

  We read Dazzle The Dinosaur by Marcus Pfister.  It's a different rendition of the classic story the Rainbow Fish.  You know the story about the fish with the shiny, fins.

  Dazzle the dinosaur was born with spikes that sparkled.  My son (the only boy) loves dinosaurs so when I saw this book I had to feed that love.  The dinosaur whose egg just happened to turn up in another nest was taken care of until it hatched.  The momma dinosaur knew he wasn't hers but decided to take care of him anyways.  She didn't know what kind of dinosaur he was but it didn't matter.

  The dinosaur plays well with his "sister" and together they decide to go on an adventure back to the motherland.  Back to where her mom used to live before.  Back where they had freedom and we're not confined to a certain area.  The shimmer of his spikes almost gets him eaten and they actually wind up saving the day in the end.

  This was a great kids book.  Bright vivid colors.  A great easy storyline to follow.  Boys and girls will enjoy the graphics as you have dinosaurs and sparkles.  End result even though the dinosaur was different.  His different was good.

  Now to go with this book we needed to make a dinosaur that sparkled.  I found an easy dinosaur to make and added a little sparkle to make him as dazzling as the one from the book.

  Minimal supplies are necessary. Along with some glue, foil and paper.

Cut the plate and toilet roll in half.

We painted first then glued all pieces on.

My kids enjoyed the project and I think when you can bring a story to life it helps the learning process.

  I found this craft on pinterest but the original post is found here:

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