Friday, May 6, 2016

Captain America: Civil War (movie review)

  Last night two things happened.  I used Fandango for the first time and went to the movies the latest ever.  My showtime last night was 11:25 pm.  A benefit to seeing a show at this time of night, seeing an already highly anticipated popular movie was not purchasing the ticket but having my seats already reserved!

  Captain America Civil War is rated Pg-13 and runs for 2 hours 26 minutes and is considered a fantasy film.  Let's talk about the characters versus the actors!  Captain America,  Ant-man, Spiderman, Black panther, Black Widow and Iron Man are only a few.

  The movie does keep a fast pace.  Action, action and more action. Good guys fighting bad guys and good guys fighting good guys.  Girls fighting guys just as good as guys fighting each other.

  What happens when the superheroes harm innocent lives or get grounded from the government from protecting the world?  Let's talk about what I didn't like.  First off if I could just have a remote or headphones to volume control that would make me happy!  It was louder then I cared for.  Second the fight scenes  were so fast played. The characters were wizzing around at an obnoxious speed.  Whether the faster they go the more realistic the scene is I don't know but some scenes were hard to interpret.

  What I liked was basically everything else.   They brought some heroes out of retirement.  The fighting was intense.  The storyline was easy to follow. Bad guys needed to be stopped or worse things would happen.  Powers versus muscle.  Professional versus amateur.

  Humor and seriousness is throughout the movie. So keep your eyes and ears open!   Rating is probably set for all the fighting.  However if your kids like superheroes in real form this is a good one to go see with them.  I can't at the moment even recall too many swear words but I'm sure they were there.

  I will be buying this movie and renting it!
Happy viewing and you are probably better off purchasing tickets in advance to guarantee a a viewing.

Stay through the credits! I'm just saying!

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