Monday, May 23, 2016

Let's Play Bartender

  Do you know what makes a drink better?  Making it at home, knowing what is in it controlling how much of the ingredients are in it and not having to worry about the drive home.

  All of this becomes reality when you make your own drinks at home.  Having liquor on hand, fresh fruit, crushed ice and a great shaker can make you the best host or hostess.

  The shaker kit comes in a nice velvet  drawstring bag.  
The kit includes a shaker, a jigger and 2 pourers.
 In addition to all that an ebook is included as well.  This just makes it better as now not only are you able to make your drinks you can make new ones!

  This shaker set would make a great gift for anyone! A homecoming present or even an upcoming gift for Father's Day.

  I received this premium cocktail shaker set by Shikshook for review.  All opinions mentioned are solely mine.

 For your convenience I have included the link here. #shikshook

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