Friday, May 6, 2016

Pancakes with strawberries

  It's not a good morning unless you start your morning off right!

  Strawberry is the word of the month so let's just get that out of the way!  This morning we are once again starting out with strawberries.  I might add that they do make breakfast a much better experience!  Today we used them in our pancakes!

  I have made this recipe before so since I'm using and sharing it again take that as a promotion.  I think the last time I made it was for a child's birthday.  It was a hit then and was today.

  Its a nice simple recipe.  You can whip it up in no time on any morning.  You should have all the ingredients on hand and even if you didn't have strawberries we did add chocolate chips to one so anything goes!

  We made some with strawberries and sprinkles,

some with then chocolate chips and plain.

I think with enough strawberries you have enough flavor you don't even need to add syrup.

You will find the recipe here:

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