Saturday, December 3, 2016

Moana (movie review)


What is the number one kids movie out right now?  Moana in case you haven't heard!  The new Disney Princess movie came out last month just before Thanksgiving.

  Moana was the first time I enjoyed myself so much at a Disney Princess movie!  We went last week after the rush, in the early evening on a matinee all day rate.  You can't get better then that when you are looking at being comfortable with less of a crowd.  There was probably 20 people if that in the entire theater.

 Before I discuss the movie or my opinion let me just start with the color, animation and music all flowed.  I loved scenes in the movie specifically because of the picture.  It was so clear but animated but real.

  Moana is a princess on an island in Hawaii.  She loses someone dear to her whom also encourages her to save the island and her people.  She takes a journey  past the forbidden reefs but don't dear she is not alone.  She is backed up by nature on her quest to save nature.  She faces various threats but still stays focused on completing the overall objective.  Watch the movie all the way through as there is a point to the journey.

  I loved this movie.  I would see this movie again.  I would buy this movie.  There that's my opinion!   I go back to the color and animation of this film it's amazing.

Will you child like it? Yes!  There are a couple not so good kind of creepy parts.  I agreed with my 5 yo on one and the other she wasn't phased by.  Otherwise we talked about how cute Moana was, how beautiful the land was and how brave she is.  There is a guy sidekick Maui with Moana.  He brings humor and entertainment to the movie so it's not all about the princess so boys should like this movie too!

The crowds should have died down now.  Run out and see it!  You will not be disappointed.  Oddly enough the music and songs sprinkled throughout the movie were just as pleasant and enjoyable as well.

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  1. Ah! How could I miss this movie? I am waiting for Netflix to add this movie. It isn’t available in my region. It was wonderful going through this post. I am going to look for it online and make sure my kids get to watch this movie. I know how nice it is. They are about to finish the series by Andy Yeatman anytime.