Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Ornaments equal Holiday Gifts

  Tis the season to break the bank or get creative.  Depending how many supplies you have on hand will depend on how many trips to the store but these trips still shouldn't break the bank.

  Over the last few days I have made items for my daughter to give as gifts.  A few trips to the dollar store and items I have had on hand have aided in some nice gestures of thoughtfulness and kindness.

  My two main items for gifts inspired by Pinterest:

A wine cork.  Which is really easy to find even if you don't drink.  Stop at a local restaurant, check with neighbors or even grocery stores that have wine tasting.

These plastic ornaments came from the dollar tree.  I like that you get two to a package.

Pinterest is great for any and everything.  You just need to have a plan in mind or risk the chance of losing time over searching for something and getting distracted and looking at something else.

  I have been on there looking at all things Christmas.  My daughter wanted somethings to give out and I wanted it to be unique.  I have no shame in that they are cheap gifts because they are homemade and unique.  The teacher will probably get tons of cookies, mugs and coffee gift certificates and when the air clears the food and drink will be gone!  

Cork Mouse!  For the mouse I used two corks.  1 for the whole body then I cut two circular pieces off for the ears. Face was applied with a marker.  Scarf was scrap ribbon. Arms, legs and tail were wire I picked up at the dollar store and twisted into limbs and after making an initial hole with a paperclip I pushed them in and secured them with hot glue. You could add a eyelet on top to make it an ornament.

Santa cork!  I deviated from the directions of painting him and just covered him in red felt.  Hat is also red felt with a cotton ball pulled apart for the trim and a white pompom.  Eyes are drawn on and his nose is loose felt rolled up.  His beard is pulled off a cotton table runner (dollar store purchase) but you could use a cotton ball pulled apart for this too.  Everything hot glued together.

The last two items made my daughter and I were like elves.  I made one and see made the other.  


We shredded a sheet of brown paper and she had the task of stuffing the ball.  The eyes and nose were hot glued down.  The antlers are one pipe cleaner.  I didn't have brown so it is black for this deer.  One piece of pipe cleaner wrapped around the top, then cut in half on each side and wrapped around again.

I loved this idea when I saw it and had to make it.  I didn't know a pig could be so cute.  He couldn't have been easier to make!  I didn't have pink paint so I went about it a little harder by adding drops of red and white and shaking it around the inside.  I was amazed and grateful to have found a pink button nose.  I drew in some little black beady eyes and cut out pink ears that I hot glued on.

There you have it folks! If you even have only a half hour you have time to make 4 cute, unique, homemade, handmade gifts!  

I'm glad I had glue sticks in bulk but after this season I may need to stock up on some more.

Have you made any unique gifts?  Have you gotten stuck on Pinterest for hours?  What's your favorite holiday item?


  1. Those are cute! I have a Pinterest board full of wine crafts that I have not made yet. LOL.

    1. I don't have enough corks. I need to drink some more, lol.

  2. I love these ideas! The pig ornament is the best. Too cute. I really like that mouse as well!

  3. The pig one is my absolute fave! I have wine corks and always wonder what to do with them!


  4. The cork mouse and reindeer are the cutest things I've ever seen - what amazing gifts! I've always wanted to get into crafting but never seem to find the time. Maybe 2017 will be the year! Thanks for sharing! x

  5. These ornaments are so cute!! I have several such ornament crafts pinned! Just trying my hand on those!

    Expressing Life

  6. This is probably the most creative thing I've seen this holiday, I love it!
    And it's so easy to put together too :-)

  7. Ah! These are such cute projects. I wanna try the Santa Cork as one of our final Christmas projects this year.

  8. this is so fantastic! what fun to create little ornaments out of corks! so creative!


  9. I have always loved making and getting handmade gifts.These look great.Love the pig

  10. That cork mouse is just too cute. Thanks for these great decorating and gift ideas. Theyre so cute and creative.

  11. I love these! Im all for homemade gifts and i love pinterest for ideas just wish i could make everything ive pinned! :)

  12. Get ideas I might use this as I diy personalized Xmas gift

  13. hahaha oh my goodness, these are absolutely adorable!! definitely need to make some of these on christmas day with my little daughter :)

  14. oh my goodnes, you are so creative! And those christmas balls especially your piglet ball is totally cute. You nailed it!