Friday, December 2, 2016

24 Days of Elf Ideas

Elf!  We have an elf and his name is nothing fancy.  He's got the bare basic name of Elf.  Why make it difficult?  Why make it hard to remember?  We have enough to worry about in the world so lets just keep it simple.

  Elf made his first appearance last year with us.  He is not your traditional Elf on the Shelf.  He is an elf in the appearance part but that's about it.  He is slightly taller and little wider and definitely not very posable.

  Thats all ok though because we work with what we got.  Last year he kept us entertained and I did pretty good with making him do something else daily.  There are no rules about not touching him in fact my daughter will pose him to do something else later in the day for my amusement.

Here are some ideas we may be using this year or have done previously.

Day 1: Spilt flour on the flour and wrote he was back. (we ate pancakes)

Day 2: Elf was placed on the tree with a string of lights to encourage decorating the tree.

Day 3: Sliding down the stairs
Day 4: book tree
Day 5: Crafting with the elf
Day 6: Cocoa Night!
Day 7: Cereal stringing  (for birds)
Day 8: Family game night (elfs choice)
Day 9: Make Holiday cards
Day 10:  Library trip for Christmas books
Day 11: Snowball fighting
Day 12:Christmas Movie Night w/ Charlie Brown
Day 13: Shopping for siblings
Day 14: All wrapped up (to wrap presents)
Day 15: Bake cookies
Day 16: RAK
Day 17: Tp the bathroom
Day 18: Snow bath
Day 19: Helping with chores
Day 20: Elf cruises to see the lights (my favorite last year)
Day 21: Riding dinosaurs
Day 22: snowfloor
Day 23: playing games with his friends
Day 24: Elf will write a note for the kids and say goodbye and leave a picture of him and each of them. Maybe a photo book of his fun would be nice, I'll have to think about that.

Ok so there's my list.  I may or may not change dates or even activities but atleast I have a plan.  Now to at least just stick with it.  How hard is it to move a toy around daily?

Follow our antics! As always if you have an elf I would love to hear what they are up to.


  1. Your elf is so cute. And we think that name is just perfect. It's amazing how much creative fun and entertainment you guys have with a simple elf. awesome.

  2. I'm still slightiy traumatized by all the scary movies I saw as child that involved dolls. LOL! So I have no dolls in my home.

  3. Looks like an exciting list of activities for Elf. Lots of ideas for when I start. My girls are little so I'm waiting till they ask for it.

  4. I love all the activities for Elf! I love the idea of stringing cereal for the birds.

  5. Haha that is so funny! I bet if our elf wrote "I'm back" in flour, my kid would have nightmares. My kid is scared of the tooth fairy because he doesn't want some stranger coming into his room at night. Needless to say, no imaginary characters exist in my home. LOL!

  6. Nice ideas! Our elf likes to write things in sugar. One year she wrote FART, because she's funny that way.

  7. Lovely elfing ideas! And your elf doll is adorably cutesy.

  8. These such are such fun ideas, especially the bake cookies and snow bath one.

  9. Your elf is so cute. The elf and Flat Stanley have kept me busy many times over the years.

  10. The first two ideas are so cute and the rest will be as well, I'm sure! Very creative!

  11. Omg so many awesome elf ideas!!! I will have to use a few of these!!