Sunday, July 3, 2016

Pinterest Challenge Day 1


  Each day I will try a new a new pinterest project.  Since today is day 3 I should catch you up and the last two days.  I thought of this idea because it's a new month and it's so easy to start something new on day 1 of the month.

  Why pinterest?  Not just because I want to be part of the popular pinterest win or fail but, because it is one platform that offers so many ideas in one spot.  I am able to go here for new recipes, craft ideas, schooling ideas, home decor or improvements, games and more.  Lucky for us that the ideas vary from simple to very extreme on there.  Some people have tried to replicate creations seen only to fail.  However these people have embraced the failure by still sharing this with the public usually with the #pinterestfail.  I will share the good, bad and ugly and hope everything leans more towards the positive side.

  My first project involved lunch for the kids.  After see Finding Dory the other day why not bring a "sea" theme to the table.  This first item I choose was a hotdog and noodles.  Two items I had at home and two items my kids ate.  That in itself makes it a win win.

Behold the octopus and bed of seaweed.

8 legs (trust they are all there) and a face!

This project was very easy to make.  Although I didn't cook the hotdog (I guess if you boil it for a few minutes the legs curl up) it still came out resembling an octopus and was easily identified by my kids.  The only complaint I received was the mustard I used for his face.  Oh well next time he may be faceless, what a shame.

The seaweed was made up of Ramen noodles with green food coloring!  You can get much easier than that.  When I made it I envisioned multiple ideas not just with noodles but with food coloring as well!

  For this challenge I will pick various areas because afterall what fun would it be if I just stuck in one!

  I hope you enjoy my pinterest journey and are inspired to step out of your comfort zone and maybe try something new.  It doesn't matter the results because sometimes we just have to try again!

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