Monday, July 4, 2016

Challenge number 2 (pinterest)

  Fireworks!  Everyone will see them whether it's for one holiday or another.  Young and old will have experienced it at least once in their life.  So what is more fun then painting some.

  Again the easiest way to accomplish a craft even if it's not from Pinterest is to have the necessary items readily available.  I almost think as a parent you would have all these supplies but if not you can grab some for less than a dollar.

We used toilet paper rolls but other options I have seen are bent forks, straws, q-tips and koosh balls.  You also need construction paper, and paint.  I choose black paper to signify the night sky.

That's it!

  Deep the tubes into the paint and apply it to the paper.  The more colors available the more colorful your fireworks will be!

This is a great project for any age.  The tube makes it easy for young hands to hold while the older kids can focus on a more defined firework with multiple colors and rays.

  Go ahead and get busy.  Caution as always paint can get messy but think of the indoor forever lasting firework display you will have to last you all year!


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