Monday, July 25, 2016

Mother Can You Not? (Book review)

  Let's get serious for a moment.  We all know that one person that provides unsolicited advice, ideas and comments.  What we do with that information and how we act all depends on who it is giving it to us.  Co-workers, friends or family all get a variety of reactions, agreements or lack of compliance.  What if it was all coming from your ever-so-wise mother.  Do you have to listen to all of it and utilize it? Do you sift through it and grab what pertains to you? Do you ignore it and brush it under the rug.

  This book is filled with hilarity to the brink.  My mother personally didn't provide me with half of the information this momma provides and you know what I may have missed out; or did I?

  This book strolls through the day and life of a mother and daughter duo! They took on the world as a team.  Momma always in the stands cheering, supporting and encouraging her daughter on!

  Suggestions weren't even settle or mild for the author as a young girl.  Momma saw her daughters goals and was willing to walk a narrow line to get things done.

  This book is a mix of pre-adolescent, young adult and adult situations.  A variety of conversations via direct communication as well as text messages.  Each chapter brings a smile and a chuckle I guarantee.

  Pick up this book as it is a quick read and worth keeping on your coffee table or other focal point in your house for a great conversation starter piece.

  I was provided this book for review purposes and although it looked like I really enjoyed it (I did) all opinions are my own.

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