Sunday, July 10, 2016

Stop and Smell the Flowers (Pinterest Challenge Day 10)

  Another craft project but one you or kids can make! Afterall aren't we always looking for something for the kids to do?  This project can even be given away which is a bonus.

  I picked up some tissue paper the other day for another craft that I probably will never do but hey; I am doing one now so it all worked out.

  Grab some tissue paper, a circle shape to trace, scissors and a pipecleaner.

  I actually picked up my tissue paper variety pack at the dollar store so I'm not breaking the bank.

 I used the lid of a container to make a circle shape and cut it out.  I folded the paper a few times so by the time I cut the circles it was about 10 circles or so.

  After that you make a hole to punch in your stem and pull some of it up.  I twisted the tip a bit to get to stay in place.

   Next you start to crinkle/roll your flower.  Take each circle and bunch it up to make your flower full.

That's it.  By the time you are done with each circle to your flower you should have a very close paper resembling a flower.

  Think of the endless possibilities now.  I used yellow and only made one but, different colors and even a bouquet of flowers in a vase.  I'm just saying bridal shower, baby shower, birthday or Mother’s Day these flowers can help decorate any area.

  I declare this a #pinterestwin!  Super easy craft. A cute flower at the end of an easy process.  Endless possibilities with colors, cuts and could even spray some scent on there.

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